With our organic farming method, there will be 




Growth inducing agents


Chemical fertilizers

Animal waste

No Animal Waste is one of our choice.

Sars and Bird Flu have confirmed our years of perseverance.

Fertilisers (Compost) include:

Rock Dust,


Seaweed etc…

which enhanced the mineral contents and the energy level of the soil.

All plants have its own ways to adapt to soil and weather.

Organic natural farming is our way of cultivation.

 We have this belief that – plants need to be grown on soil

 Soil with the presence of essential micronutrients and minerals provide an environment for the 

all-rounded development of plants. 

 These nutrients and minerals in turn have a positive impact on the health of human beings.

Here in Fire Flies Health Farm,

we are proud to say that most of our products

are grown on soil

especially our wheat grass.

Spirit of organic farming:

Working in harmony with nature!

It’s a return to traditional values of agriculture!

Not just for ourselves but for our future generations!

For our precious Earth and its environment!
For a better tomorrow!

Our vegetables are so fresh and full of natural nutrients

that you can consume it with a