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  • This leafy vegetable is adult version of Sweet Potato Leaves Baby. As compared to younger one, the taste is stronger and often preferred when making soups. However prior cooking this leafy vegetable, one may have to consider peeling off the stem's skin as it is quite "fiber-ous" (not easy to chew). It is excellent for stir-frying or noodle soups. In terms of nutritional values, it is a rich source vitamin B, C, E and K. It also contain high levels of iron, calcium, carotene, and was ranked among the top as compared with other major vegetables. When compared with Sweet Potato (root), the leaves was found to have higher levels of Vitamin C content. It also aids in the treatment of the following:

    • Prevent cardiovascular disease

    • Cleansing of digestive system

    • Maintain the elasity of arteries


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  • Chye Sin 菜心

    $ 2.50

    Also known as "Chinese Flowering Cabbage". But unlike cabbages, this leafy vegetable does not form any compact heads. It is commonly found in many local and Chinese dishes. In terms of taste, the stem is very crunchy and there is a light level of sweetness. At flowering stage, it will grow distinct yellow flowers and it is completely edible. Add in these flowers when stir frying together with your Chye Sin, they will make your dishes look better.

  • Carrot 萝卜

    $ 5.00
  • Also been known as "Bok Choy" or "Chinese Cabbage". But unlike cabbage, this leafy vegetable does not form "head" at the lower stem portion. The stem and leaves are light green in color, and they are widely used in Chinese cuisines.
  • Tomato 番茄

    $ 5.00

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