O’Forest Quinoa Cocoa is a cocoa-flavoured oatmilk with a blend of multigrain. Cocoa is naturally rich in flavonoid, an antioxidant which promotes healthy blood circulation and support cardiovascular health. O’Forest Quinoa Cocoa is not only low in fat and calorie, it is also packed with calcium, iron, magnesium, fibre and contains all essential amino acids that are beneficial for health maintenance.

  • Prebiotic and Probiotic Source
  • Trans Fat Free x Lactose Free

Ingredients: Malt Extract Powder, Oligosaccharide, Coconut Oil Powder, Unrefined Sugar*, Cocoa Powder, Oat (Non-GMO), Brown Rice, Wheat, Black Glutinous Rice, Barley, Buckwheat, Millet*, Soya Bean*, Red Lentils, Mung Bean, Fructose, Red Quinoa, Black Quinoa, White Quinoa, Almond Powder, Inulin, Lecithin, Sea Salt and Probiotics (*Organic)

Product of Malaysia