1. Online booking has to be made at least ONE week prior to scheduled date.

2. The booking of farm tour is only confirm after receiving confirmation notice issued by “Fire Flies Health Farm”.

3. After online booking has been confirmed, any changes to booking details shall be made notified to “Fire Flies Health Farm” through email and at least ONE week prior to confirmed date.

4. Any changes within a week before confirmed date will be considered as “Last Minute Change”.

5. For Last Minute Change,

   i) Any reduction of people will not be considered, total amount to be paid remained the same*.

   ii) An additional $3/person will be charged if there is an increase on number of people*. (Extra fee will only be imposed on additional people only, cost per person for those who have been confirmed remained unchanged)

   iii) For any changes to confirm date, an additional $5 will be charged onto the package total amount*. The proposed date is subjected to  availability and confirmation by “Fire Flies Health Farm”.

6. For any “No Show” after booking has been confirmed, the group/ organization shall be liable to pay “Fire Flies Health Farm” a $20 cancellation fee*.

*Not applicable to Package A.